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May 3, 2013
by Jessica

Bullying ._.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about bullying and everything about it. I’ve learned a lot of things in the time being.  I learned that a ‘perpetrator’ is someone who joins into the bullying, kind of like a bystander but worse in a way. It’s almost like they’re inforcing it. 

My thinking about bullying and friendship really hasn’t changed at all much. I have just about the same thoughts. When I see bullying anywhere I try to stop it. I don’t stand there and watch, the child who is being bullied could be having troubles at home with parents. Also he/she could be having troubles with friends. Now, I’m not saying it’s just children who get bullied, it could be anybody.  As for friendship, I feel that if you’re going to tell someone something you wouldn’t want other people knowing then you should know them for a while so you know that you can trust them or just keep it to yourself and not tell anybody so you know for a fact that know one will know. Some people are waiting for the right moment to take something you told them and use it against you.

In the movie that we saw BULLY  Jeff Johnson said ”if bartenders are responsible for a drunk that goes out and kills an innocent person, how come the bullies are not responsible for the death of this precious child?” and I agree 100% with him. Also someone else had said (not sure who) ”It’s a shame Tyler had to do what he did in order for people to notice” and honestly that really stood out to me because it’s true. Why should someone have to commit suicide because of bullying for people to notice how bad it really is? People should see that even the smallest things hurt people.

May 3, 2013
by Jessica
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Challenge #5

Challenge #5

Once upon a time in the deepest darkest forest lived many magical secrets. One day the princess of Bonagong town was out for a stroll in this deep dark forest when suddenly she heard rustling in the bushes. The princess was very frightened but decided to look anyway. When she pulled back the leaves and such she had discovered a small troll. But he was very sick and close to death, so being a fairy with magical amazing powers she quickly cast the wellness spell ”Bibidy bobidy boo” and the troll was good as new.

The princess told the troll that he was more then welcome to come along with her and that she was on an adventure to discover new and exciting things upon this magical forest. The troll was very pleased and now that he was all good and well he decided why not it’ll be fun. As they went on their way they found a magical unicorn but she was stuck in the tree, because she was practicing her running but ran right into the tree and her horn had gotten stuck in the skittle tree and it was all sticky. The princess and the troll tried so hard to pull her out but nothing was working , not even her wand because the tree had a anti-spell lock on it so no one could use spells on it (except the one who put it on). The princess and troll were becoming very angry and they just left her there because they weren’t sure what to do.

As the princess and the troll went on there way the princess saw something in the far distance, her being very curious quickly ran over to the thing she’d seen. It was a bridge in which was over a rainbow river. By the time the troll had ran over to the river he was very tired but slipped in the river n drifted off into the sunset. The princess ran as fast as she could to try and catch the troll but he was already gone. She figured he probably died and went on her way. In her travels that she continued on with she was thinking about what a wonderful story that this would be, a troll, a unicorn,a magical bridge,  a sticky skittle tree and now a rainbow river! She was very excited and couldn’t wait to get back to tell everybody her new discoveries. Princess Kaitlyn was very tired and had decided to float along the river to cool off and relax. When she was floating a liabbit fish had popped up out of the water which brought great fright to the princess. She was very confused by the liabbit fish because she wasn’t quite sure what it was. “Uhm,excuse me mister” she shyly said to the fish thingamajig, ”Yes princess?” he replied. “Well, you see I’m very confused about what exactly you are, I mean you have rabbit ears but a lions mane and you can swim, like a fish” the liabbit fish looked at her and chuckled ”Well you see princess I am not a fish nor rabbit or a lion, well I’m all of them! I’m a liabbit fish” and he smiled at her then swam off.

It was becoming very late and the princess was becoming very very tired. By now Kaitlyn was deep in the deep dark magical forest and was tired and lost. “Fiddle sticks! I’m lost and I can’t find my way home!” she said to herself as she kicked a small rock. When suddenly and fairly large bird swooped down in front of her and almost hit her. She screamed in fright, the bird quickly came over to her and said that he was very sorry but didn’t see her there. Now, the princess being very stubborn didn’t forgive the bird, as a matter of fact she was very angry that he had almost hit her, I mean this is the princess we’re talking about. She started to storm off still lost but now furious, the bird on the other hand felt terrible and flew after her.

After that princess told the bird that she was lost the bird offered to take her home because he knew the way. He wanted to make it up to her,she sighed but she didn’t want to be stuck in the forest forever so she climbed on to the bird and held on for her life. He then flew up above all the tress and that’s when suddenly she spotted her castle and she felt all better after that. The bird felt better too because he was able to make it up to the princess.  The bird smiled wide and flew down fast like a meteor fire ball and flew over to her bedroom window, climbed off the bird and said her good-byes with a smile on her face.


That’s when the queen came in and woke her up for breakfast. The princess sighed and whispered to herself ”What a shame, it was only a dream”.

April 9, 2013
by Jessica

Blogging Challenge #4

Challenge #4

Ms. Lucy
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: melgupta via Compfight

~Texas Rednose Pitbull~

Did you know that the texas rednose pitbull is the most popular  pitbull in
Texas? It is also the most common pitbull in North America. They stand 18-22 inches by the shoulder and weigh between 22-110 pounds.  Most of them weigh between 35-50 pounds. Rednose pitbulls are not violent or bloodthirsty animals.  They have very high energy and strong jaws. They are  popular in illegal dog fighting rings. All pitbulls are concidered to be bad and cruel dogs. NOT TRUE! I had a pitbull for 14 years and she was probably the nicest dog ever. A friend of my dads also has a pitbull, a texas rednose pitbull. She’s very energetic and playful but she would never hurt anybody. 🙂

March 26, 2013
by Jessica

Blogging challenge #2

Challenge #2

Is Abortion Wrong?

I agree very strongly that abortion is wrong! There’s no reason for it. It’s cruel and wrong in so many ways. For starters the baby can feel it, and its murder.

If you get an abortion you’re killing the baby. The fetus is not fully grown but it’s still considered murder because a life has started. The baby that has started growing will be able to feel it that’s why it moves and kicks when someone talks or makes noises at the stomach.

Let me ask you something, how would you feel if someone took away your life for no reason? You wouldn’t like it! Everybody deserves to live. No one deserves to die for no reason. Put yourself in the baby’s position. Why would you even think about abortion? It’s un-needed and wrong.

Why didn’t you stop it from happening if you didn’t want the baby? There are multiple ways to stop pregnancy from happening. For example: condoms, birth control and abstinence. What was stopping you?

There is no excuse for not having anything to prevent it from happening. Think before you act!

Some people would say that they were raped, but that still isn’t an excuse for abortion. If you don’t want the baby then adoption is the answer. NOT murder to an innocent baby! In other words, there’s no excuse for abortion. It’s cruel, wrong and un-needed.

March 26, 2013
by Jessica

Blogging Challenge #3

Challenge #3

10 different things that you can do with a single sock. 🙂

10; Make a sock puppet

– use strings for hair

-buttons or cotton balls for eyes

– push it in at the heal for its mouth

9; Dusters

-wear it like a mitten and use it for dusting when your cleaning

8; Under the Door Draft Stopper

– fill the sock with sand and put it under your door to stop a draft from coming in

7; Arm Warmers

-cut a big enough hole for your four fingers at the top

– cut another hole (small) for your thumb

6; Make a cat or dog toy

5; Popsicle Mittens

-put them on your hands when your eating a popsicle or other tasty messy treats

4; Make snowmen

3; Donate them

-lots of schools don’t have the money for craft materials

2; Heating pad

-fill the sock with uncooked beans or rice and tie the end

-put the sock in the microwave for 2-3 minutes

1; Doll clothes


March 5, 2013
by Jessica

Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1

I am writing a list of 10 questions to people I’d like to talk to.

10; Zayn Malik: What inspired you to sing?

9; Snow white; What was it like living with seven dwarfs?

8;  Pinocchio; Why does your nose grow when you lie?

7;  Littlefoot; Why’d you wonder off into a cave?

6; Stitch; Which planet did you come from?

5; Barack Obama; What’s it like to be the president of the United States?

4;  Sheldon Cooper; What makes you the smartest man?

3; Perry the platypus; What made you wanna be a secret agent?

2; Sarah Shepard; What inspired you to write the pretty little liars series?

1; Steve Jobs; Why did you make the apple products to fragile?

December 15, 2012
by Jessica

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas is almost here and I can’t wait! I love Christmas, It’s one of my favorite holidays. Not only for presents but seeing family and the big wonderful Christmas dinner. I can’t wait for Christmas holidays to be here!

December 7, 2012
by Jessica

A visit from Mary Spencer

Today, we had an amazing opportunity to meet Mary Spencer. Mary is an amazing and inspiring person. She told us to follow your dreams. She is an Olympic and world champion boxer. When she talked to us today I learned to follow my dreams and goals in life, to not listen to the people who discourage us but to listen to the people who believe that we can do whatever our goal may be. This was an awesome opportunity to meet her and I will pass on her message to others around me. 🙂

December 4, 2012
by Jessica


In class we have been writing reports for health. There are alot of topics for grade 7 and 8. We’ve all picked our own topic and picked 10+ questions about the topic we picked. We then did research on our questions we picked and wrote our report. The topic I picked was ‘Drug and Alcohol abuse’. It was a bit hard at first but once I got started I was doing good and it turned out great. 🙂

November 18, 2012
by Jessica

Parent teacher interviews

The other night I went for my student led conference with my mom and Ms.Duncan. It went great! I talked about my language, math, technology and my art. I was scared at first and when I finished I had realized that it wasn’t all that bad and I didn’t have anything to worry about because I was doing good. Leading the conference myself made me realize what I was doing good in class and what I still needed to work on a bit more. I think that from me leading it myself was good because I understood what I was saying and my strengths and my weekness’ and I also didn’t zone out like I normally do in parent teacher conferences. It was also very short so it was easy, this is something I would do again.

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