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Blogging challenge #2


Challenge #2

Is Abortion Wrong?

I agree very strongly that abortion is wrong! There’s no reason for it. It’s cruel and wrong in so many ways. For starters the baby can feel it, and its murder.

If you get an abortion you’re killing the baby. The fetus is not fully grown but it’s still considered murder because a life has started. The baby that has started growing will be able to feel it that’s why it moves and kicks when someone talks or makes noises at the stomach.

Let me ask you something, how would you feel if someone took away your life for no reason? You wouldn’t like it! Everybody deserves to live. No one deserves to die for no reason. Put yourself in the baby’s position. Why would you even think about abortion? It’s un-needed and wrong.

Why didn’t you stop it from happening if you didn’t want the baby? There are multiple ways to stop pregnancy from happening. For example: condoms, birth control and abstinence. What was stopping you?

There is no excuse for not having anything to prevent it from happening. Think before you act!

Some people would say that they were raped, but that still isn’t an excuse for abortion. If you don’t want the baby then adoption is the answer. NOT murder to an innocent baby! In other words, there’s no excuse for abortion. It’s cruel, wrong and un-needed.


  1. hi, my name is karina and I think that abortion is wrong as well . I would never do that.EVER!!!!!! feel free to visit my blog anytime.

  2. Hello Jussica,

    I agree with you! Abortions are really terrible and I can’t understand women who does it. Children are flowers of life! It’s happiness!

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  3. i comepletely agree if gosnell (abortion docter) gets sentanced to prison, he will be the largest mass murderer in canada.

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