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Blogging Challenge #3


Challenge #3

10 different things that you can do with a single sock. 🙂

10; Make a sock puppet

– use strings for hair

-buttons or cotton balls for eyes

– push it in at the heal for its mouth

9; Dusters

-wear it like a mitten and use it for dusting when your cleaning

8; Under the Door Draft Stopper

– fill the sock with sand and put it under your door to stop a draft from coming in

7; Arm Warmers

-cut a big enough hole for your four fingers at the top

– cut another hole (small) for your thumb

6; Make a cat or dog toy

5; Popsicle Mittens

-put them on your hands when your eating a popsicle or other tasty messy treats

4; Make snowmen

3; Donate them

-lots of schools don’t have the money for craft materials

2; Heating pad

-fill the sock with uncooked beans or rice and tie the end

-put the sock in the microwave for 2-3 minutes

1; Doll clothes


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