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Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about bullying and everything about it. I’ve learned a lot of things in the time being.  I learned that a ‘perpetrator’ is someone who joins into the bullying, kind of like a bystander but worse in a way. It’s almost like they’re inforcing it. 

My thinking about bullying and friendship really hasn’t changed at all much. I have just about the same thoughts. When I see bullying anywhere I try to stop it. I don’t stand there and watch, the child who is being bullied could be having troubles at home with parents. Also he/she could be having troubles with friends. Now, I’m not saying it’s just children who get bullied, it could be anybody.  As for friendship, I feel that if you’re going to tell someone something you wouldn’t want other people knowing then you should know them for a while so you know that you can trust them or just keep it to yourself and not tell anybody so you know for a fact that know one will know. Some people are waiting for the right moment to take something you told them and use it against you.

In the movie that we saw BULLY  Jeff Johnson said ”if bartenders are responsible for a drunk that goes out and kills an innocent person, how come the bullies are not responsible for the death of this precious child?” and I agree 100% with him. Also someone else had said (not sure who) ”It’s a shame Tyler had to do what he did in order for people to notice” and honestly that really stood out to me because it’s true. Why should someone have to commit suicide because of bullying for people to notice how bad it really is? People should see that even the smallest things hurt people.

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